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Well hello there!

Before I take you on this long journey with me, I figured you should know a few things about me.

I am an Interior Designer who graduated with a B.S. at the University of Minnesota in the spring of 2008. I am very passionate for the arts and music. I have a Labradinger who is 18 months old and a spitfire.

Yes, I am the average, young, stylish fat woman. I have struggled with my weight since before I can remember. The first time I realized my weight might be a problem was when I was four and told I could only have 4 chips/crackers per day.

The one time I reached a healthy weight was in eighth grade. I weighed 130 pounds after a grueling stint on the Atkin’s Diet. Of course, eighth grade is not a stable, confident time in any girl’s life. I was still chastised for being overweight, and became depressed. I quickly gained the weight back, plus more. Since then, I have tried Atkin’s again, Weight Watchers, Dr. Phil, Lifetime Fitness’ Weight Loss Challenge, and the list goes on!

I weigh in today at 316 pounds.

Why am I blogging? I will be going in on December 30th for a gastric bypass surgery. This blog will shed some honest light on being a fat woman taking action to lose weight and be healthy, and also help me to record my progress. I will not sugarcoat or make excuses. I will be truthful to you, my readers, and myself.


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