Liquid Christmas

December 20, 2009 at 11:00 pm Leave a comment

I officially started my journey today! I began my 10-day liquid diet before my gastric bypass surgery. But wait, it gets better. I began my 10-day liquid diet on the same day that my family celebrated Christmas! Roast lamb, yeasty/chewy rolls, waldorf salad, and of course, cookies and candies GALORE. Awesome.

I stuck through it though! I had 5-6 glasses of milk, two bowls of broth and a bunch of water. I felt like I could float across the Atlantic. Man, did I retain water. After everyone left, I just could not take it anymore and went to the gym.

The gym is my new cigarette. It’s amazing. I get bored, I go to the gym. I get stressed, I go to the gym. I get hungry, I go to the gym! I can see now how people become addicted. What a surprise, though, coming from me!

I now feel much better, and so proud of myself for sticking through the first day. Tomorrow’s challenge? Doing the liquid diet at work. Also, I hope that the scale reads correctly tomorrow. Today it shot up 5 pounds because I am so damn bloated! What a downer when you’re working this hard.

I really need to work on NOT looking at the scale everyday. What a horrible habit.


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Warning: Men may squirm when reading this So This Is Christmas?

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