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Finally, the day before surgery is here! It’s been a rough past few days.

Sunday, I went shopping two of my girlfriends. We shopped for six hours, and I think that may have been too much. I had fun, but my mind was elsewhere. I was also irritable and moody. I felt horrible; picking fights, being on the edge of tears at all times. Luckily, they were super understanding and just excited for me to do this! I can’t really blame myself for being so insane – I had been fasting for 8 days!

Yesterday, I went to the British Television Advertisement Awards at the Walker Art Center with a good friend. It was good to visit the museum again – it had been awhile, and it’s one of my favorite things about Minneapolis! I got really tired and distracted at the end, but made it through until the end without too much trouble! However, the workout last night was just dragging on and on. It was one of those days where no matter how hard I worked and how much I felt like keeling over, my heart rate would not budge! It was worth it to push through though, because this morning’s workout was much better!

Today is going fine! I am almost all packed up. Just working on the “cleansing” now. I have to go in tomorrow morning at 6am, and will be in the OR at 8am! Wish me luck!!


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So This Is Christmas? Surgery? Check!

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